Young Adults and Youth (YAAY)

Young Adults and Youth in Prairie to Pine

The Young Adult And Youth (YAAY) Committee encourages all youth to participate in activities in their home congregations, in events in the area and in regional gatherings. Youth are also given many opportunities for leadership at youth events and by filling positions on the YAAY Committee. (Click here to learn more about this important committee and who serves on it.)

What is YAAY?

This community and program provides opportunities for young adults and youth to connect with other people who share similar values as their own. This is done through semi-annual young adult-led youth retreats, area-based travelling youth groups, young adult gatherings, and other events. Read on for more details!

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What is a Youth Retreat?

A youth retreat is… well, it’s a lot of things! Mostly, it’s a great opportunity to meet lots of people and make new friends from all over our  Prairie to Pine Region (Manitoba and North Western Ontario). It’s a time to laugh, learn, worship, dance, sing, talk, and more. It’s a chance to explore and deepen our faith in God in new and exciting ways. It’s a safe, warm, welcoming, and friendly environment where you can just be yourself! Everybody is accepted, and nobody is judged.

Our Two Retreats

Two region wide youth retreats are held each year for youth grade 7 to 12. The Zeebu Retreat is held on the February long weekend of Family Day (ON)/Louis Riel Day (MB). The Alf retreat is held in October, two weekends after Thanksgiving.

Why the names ALF and Zeebu?

The theme of the first ALF in 1987 was Adolescents Learning about Families (ALF).  The second year was Adolescents Learning about Friends. Now the theme strays from the acronym, but the over-arching purpose of the retreat continues to be Adolescents Learning about Faith.

The Zeebu retreat was started by a group of youth in Russell, MB in 1994 and did not have a name the first year.  Legend states that there was a stuffed animal named “Zeebu” present at that retreat and the retreat from then on took on the name “Zeebu.”

Letter: Inclusive dorm model

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Upcoming Retreat:



Zeebu 2024


FEB 17 to 19, 2024


Killarney United Church, Killarney MB


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The Prairie to Pine YAAY committee organizes and collaborates on events for youth and young adults of all interests to come together in community, whether locally or nationally or in between.

  • Travelling Youth Group (TYG) is a still evolving opportunity for youth and leaders from different churches in and around Winnipeg to plan a youth group “evening” in their own church, to which they invite other youth. This allows small groups, even churches with one youth, to feel their planning effort is more worthwhile because they can plan for a larger group and know that other groups will reciprocate and plan something to which they can then take their youth. This significantly cuts down the work-load of one youth leader while introducing their youth to a wider circle of United Church peers. “Travelling Youth Group” events have typically been held on a Friday from 7 to 9 pm for grades 6 and up, but aren’t limited to this. For Planning, see: Resources and Ideas for Travelling Youth Group and Template for a 2 Hour Youth Group.  The template is a tool, not a required format.
  • YARG (Ages 18-30) or Young Adult Recreational Gatherings, are events put on by the Prairie to Pine YAAY committee. They aim to bring young adults together to grow friendships, and strengthen the young adult community in the United Church. Past events include potlucks, karaoke or games nights, and volunteering events.  To see current events see Instagram, @yarg_hangouts
  • Youth Forum (Ages 15 to 19) takes place in the year of a General Council (GC) meeting.  GC44 is coming up in summer 2022.  Each region is able to pick 4 youth to represent them as part of youth forum.  Typically there is an opportunity for these four youth to gather with youth representatives from other regions in the winter before GC to learn about how decisions are made in the United Church of Canada and what some of the issues and topics will be at the upcoming meeting of General Council.  This is to prepare them to participate in the GC meetings that summer, to ensure that youth voices are present in the work of the church.

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