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Equity and Diversity Committee

On October 7, 2020, the Regional Gathering for Prairie to Pine approved unanimously the Vision Statement created by the Equity and Diversity Task Group. November 5, 2020, the Regional Council Executive approved the Action Plan submitted by the Task Group which made Equity and Diversity a Standing Committee.

Members:  M Chorney, Cathey Day, Alan Gershuny, Stewart Hill, Kyle Kellar, Yeseullyn Lee, Hope Mattus, Jamie Miller (chair), Linda Rodgers (secretary), and Don Schau. For privacy reasons, contact them through the Prairie to Pine office: prairietopine@united-church.ca

The committee’s work encompasses Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ Affirming commitments, anti-racism, and more. It holds the responsibility for the Regional Council’s Affirming status, among other responsibilities.

The committee also includes a series of smaller task groups for more focused work, including: Educational, Ally/Encourager, Communications and Strategic Planning, and Regional Council.

For information on the Regional Council’s Affirming work, please see the resources and news on the Affirming page.