Prairie to Pine Regional Council, United Church of Canada

As Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who call this land home, we affirm that the Sovereignty and distinct Nationhood of Indigenous peoples need to be upheld.
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Remembering the Fun of Zeebu 2023

Remembering the Fun of Zeebu 2023

Zeebu 2023 was held at Knox United Church in Brandon, Feb 18th to 20th, 2023. One of our young adult leaders took on the role of photographer, so we have LOTS of great photos that capture some of the fun we had! Click link below to learn a bit...

Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

There are over 90 members of Prairie to Pine currently doing work for the Region and the wider church - that is, doing work on our collective behalf. We extend a Huge Thank You to all of you! The Nominating Committee is now looking at filling the...




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