The YAAY (Young Adult and Youth) Committee of the Regional Council  supports young leaders in planning two annual youth retreats, youth programming at the Regional Annual Meeting, and smaller gatherings of youth and young adults where possibility and passion allow. 

Representation: Each member of the committee has a role that can include specific skills that get the job done, or a relationship back to a camp, area, or community. The committee welcomes new members and often has openings for your gifts and skills! Interested? Please get in touch with the Youth and Young Adult Coordinator through the staff list under About Us, or through Contact Us. 

YAAY Committee Membership

Co-convenor: Marissa Smirl

Co-convenor: Sheena Henderson

Secretary: Julia Antonyshyn

Adult Advisor: Kristin Woodburke

Adult Advisor: Lincoln Dunn

Co-Co-Co-Co-Co: Julia Antonyshyn

Co-Co-Co-Co-Co: Brittany Simmons

Social Media and Media Watch: Chelsea Sosiak

Social Media and Media Watch: Natasha Gibbons

Website Coordinator: Elizabeth Kenyon

Nominations Rep: George Meggison

Equity Monitor: Ayla Hamilton

Equity Monitor: Lilja Best

YAAY Committee Membership

Grade 7-9 Rep: Olivia Krynski

Grade 10-12 Rep: Holly Typliski

Young Adult Rep: Jade Webber

Indigenous Rep: 

Reconciliation Event Rep: William Miller

Explorer Project Rep: Brooke Munford

Rock Lake United Church Camp Rep: Xander Miller

Wellman Lake United Church Camp Rep:

Ontario Rep: Naomi Dunn

Eastern Manitoba Rep: Anya Klassen

Central Manitoba: Shavaughn Jochum

Western Manitoba: Ayla Hamilton

Northern Manitoba: Dawson Grieves

Winnipeg: Aidan McLoed

Winnipeg: Quinlin McLoed

Winnipeg: Abbey Smirl