Below are some funding sources and grants that your communities of faith and other United Church entities can apply for. Please check individual organization’s section for information, requirements and deadline for application. Click here for a PDF overview of national United Church grants, updated November 2021. 

Bursary Funds

The purpose of the Prairie to Pine Regional Council Bursary Fund is to financially assist promising candidates for Order of Ministry (ordained or diaconal) who began their candidacy pathway in the Conference of Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario / Prairie to Pine Region who are registered in theological studies, as well as applicants for the Designated Lay Minister program, qualifying for leadership in the church.

Letter to Official Boards of Communities of Faith and UCWs or Women’s Groups

Bursary Funds application form

The United Church Women (UCW) of the Prairie to Pine Regional Council has established a bursary of $800 to be awarded annually.

UCW $800 bursary application form

Church Development Inc. (CDI)

Prairie to Pine Region United Church Development Corporation

Winnipeg Presbytery (The United Church of Canada) Church Development Inc., commonly known as CDI, was incorporated in 1989.  Its members were appointed annually by Winnipeg Presbytery.  The corporation invested funds from disbanding congregations and provided grants and loans for projects according to Presbytery policy. CDI amended its by-laws in 2020 and revised its name to Prairie to Pine United Church Development Inc. so that it may now provide accessibility to all congregations and United Church accountable ministries within the Prairie to Pine Region. As of December 31, 2020, CDI administered funds totaling approximately $1,840,000.

CDI officers for 2021/2022 are:

  • Chair: Del Sexsmith
  • Vice-Chair: Teresa Moysey
  • Treasurer/Investment Officer: Gord Goossen
  • Secretary: Betty Young
  • Directors at large: Stuart Fletcher-Cook, Lisa Lix and Dwight Rutherford

Grants and Loans Available

Prairie to Pine Region through Church Development Inc. (CDI) will make grants and loans available for United Church projects consistent with Prairie to Pine priorities, subject to the availability of funds.

To be eligible applicants must:

  • be a United Church congregation or United Church accountable ministry* within the bounds of Prairie to Pine Region;
  • be a registered charity in good standing
  • provide audited financial statements as defined by The Manualof the United Church of Canada
  • have satisfied all requirements for any CDI grants and loans in the preceding five years
  • for grants, be able to contribute at least 50% of total project/program costs
  • satisfy all information requirements on the application form
  • applications must address Prairie to Pine priorities:
    • Truth & Reconciliation
    • Refugees/Migrants
    • Healthy Congregations

* United Church accountable ministries refers to any kind of local ministry unit that is accountable to any Court of the United Church of Canada, including congregations, pastoral charges, missions, incorporated ministries and any outreach ministry or other ministry accountable to a Court.

Please email the completed application form and required documentation to the Chair of CDI at: by the deadlines stated below.

Grace Fund (loans only)

Provides loans for United Church building repairs and renovations in Prairie to Pine Region   

Deadline to receive applications: Accepted anytime

Range of grants awarded 2010 – 2021:  loans from $45,000 – $90,000.

Prairie to Pine Region Christian Service Fund (grants only)

Provides grants to United Church congregations in Prairie to Pine Region and United Church accountable ministries within the bounds of Prairie to Pine Region for projects and programs intended to improve quality of life for disadvantaged persons in Prairie to Pine Region.

Deadline to receive applications:  March 31 and October 15.

Range of grants awarded 2010 – 2021:  $1479 – 50,000.

Pastoral Charge Development/Redevelopment Fund (grants and loans)

Provides grants and loans for activities intended directly or indirectly to create new pastoral charges or increase membership of existing pastoral charges in Prairie to Pine Region.  This is meant to include initiatives that promote development/redevelopment through worship, fellowship, education, witness and service.   Part of this fund is restricted to activities Spirit Path initiatives until December 31, 2022.

Deadline to receive grant applications: March 31 and October 15.

Deadline to receive loan applications: Accepted anytime

Range of grants awarded 2010 – 2021: $1500 – $50,000.

Range of loans awarded 2010-2021:  none

PDF: CDI Grants and Loan Application Form-2022

Word: CDI Grants and Loan Application Form-2022

Mission Support Grants

Each year, the United Church of Canada issues application forms for Mission Support and Regional Council Grant. The Prairie to Pine Regional Council sends applications in June to pastoral charges and outreach ministries that have applied in previous year/s. This form replaces MSG forms 3, 5 and 7.

Date:  One intake per year, due 31 August every year. Send your completed application to
The form is available on the national website, under “Grant Applications”. 

Please ensure your application is complete and all required information is sent with the application, or your application will not be considered.


The United Church of Canada Foundation

The United Church of Canada Foundation provides grants to assist United Church organizations undertake new and innovative projects that fulfill the mission and vision of the church as well as fulfilling the wishes of donors who provided specific instructions on how their funds were to be used.

Grant Information Overview-The United Church of Canada Foundation

The purpose of the Capital Assistance Fund is to provide financial assistance for the renewal and development of congregations, camps, education centres, community ministries, and chaplaincies. Assistance is available in the form of loans and targeted grants for eligible pastoral charges/congregations and other ministries that would otherwise be unable to undertake or complete these projects.

The fund is made up of several categories, each described in more detail and having a separate application form.