Rainbow light playing over a pair of hands.

June is a busy month for Pride events of all kinds! Click here for our regional summary of community Pride events. Remember, June is also Indigenous History Month, so whenever you have the chance, make sure you learn from and  about Two Spirit and Indigiqueer people, and please express support for June 21, National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, through your presence and your church signage.

Resources and spaces

Click here for a video from the Moderator. The theme for this month’s 100th anniversary national newsletter is Love is Louder, in honour of Pride Month. Click here to view or download it.

Wednesday June 19, join your Equity and Diversity Committee for a debrief and planning community conversation on Pride plans through June and the summer. Click here for the full details and a shareable invitation.

Dealing with negative attention

As many of you know, public, intentional, and explicit support of Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ people and their loves ones can attract negative attention. Vandalism has already been reported by several Prairie to Pine communities of faith, and harassing calls, emails, and social media comments are also a common reality across the church and in all communities. But don’t let this deter your faithful witness! Know who your community allies are, know that your witness does make a positive difference, and keep on keeping on. Our Pride safety resource has some tips for building and online security; please click here to download it.

And, a final reminder that we have a new Affirming Facebook community for the Region that can help support you. If you’re interested in Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ affirming ministry, theology, worship, and pastoral care- and more? The Equity and Diversity Committee invites you to join our private Affirming Facebook community! Click here to join.