Have you attended a Pride Festival on behalf of the UCC?  Will you be?

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Winnipeg Pride Parade – June 2, 2024

Truck decorated with rainbow colours of paint and sign saying United Church Affirming Ministries, followed by a lot of people walking

This is the first year the UCC entered a “float” in Winnipeg’s Pride Parade. The young adults had fun decorating it!

People in Pride attire dancing and walking in parade on Portage Avenue

People from many different United Churches walking and dancing behind the float as the parade heads down Portage Avenue

Youth decked out in pride attire and a Protect Trans Kids sign, waiting for Parade to start

UCC Youth awaiting the start of the parade

People with "Young United" banner waiting on boulevard for parade to start

Some of the churches brought banners to carry. Thanks to the many churches who sent representatives!