Right Relations

Right relations, truth-telling, and reconciliation

As Prairie to Pine Regional Council continues to live into a major restructuring, we are still working on how we will honour our commitments and responsibilities as Treaty People living on Indigenous and treaty lands in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

Local work towards truth telling and right relationship continues, and includes:
Blanket Exercises; showing up for and supporting solidarity actions and advocacy with government when asked; support for restorative justice; video and book groups to spark further learning and education in our communities of faith; listening and learning circles with Indigenous leadership; work on naming, understanding, and challenging racism and  White privilege.

The Regional work and its relationships are still in discernment. It will be rooted in the good work of the former presbyteries of Manitoba-NW Ontario Conference, in conversations with the Indigenous church and other Indigenous partners, and non-Indigenous people who want to be on the journey to right relationship and justice. Below you’ll find further information on some of the commitments and resources that will continue to guide and shape our journey.

Indigenous justice and right relations news

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