Oct 20th to 22nd, 36 participants grade 7 to 12, led by 20 young leaders, explored the theme “Lost in Translation: the History of the Bible, How it has Changed through the Ages, and Whose Voices Are Missing.”

The theme times were very inter-active starting with a bible trivia scavenger hunt where participants hunted across the church for answers to trivia questions about the books of the bible and how it was composed. In the second theme session the participants explored how someone’s culture could affect how they tell their stories. In the final theme session participants took a scripture reading and wrote their own translation of it.

Youth presenting their fake culture's flag  Youth leaders presenting fake culture's flagYouth presenting their fake culture's flag  Youth presenting their fake culture's flag

Games Night, Social stations and the Dance were a lot of fun!  A good way to meet new friends and re-connect with old ones.

Group of youth standing around a table playing Happy Salmon  Group of youth sitting at a table playing the memory game  Group of youth playing a large game of snakes and laddlers  group of youth sitting at a table playing crokinole

Worship times focused on missing, underrepresented and misinterpreted voices of the Bible: Indigenous Peoples, Women, and the 2SLGBTQ+ Community.

Youth band leading songs for worship  Youth playing big Indigenous drum encircled by a larger group of youth

Pool time at St. James Assiniboia Centennial Pool – more fun with friends!

3 kids in a pool  3 kids in a poola bunch of youth playing in the pool  3 kids in a pool3 kids on the pool deck  3 kids in a hot tub

We borrowed the ceremonial drum from Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre and one of the retreat participants taught us a few songs.  Thanks SSSC for entrusting us with this special drum!

Youth playing a large ceremonial drum and singing  Youth singing and playing around a big Indigenous drum

We even had people with birthdays during the retreat!  Happy Birthday!  Let’s have cake!

2 girls standing with birthday cakes  A group of people behind one person with a birthday cake

Hoping to see all these youth again at Zeebu Youth Retreat in February!