Pictured Above are those from our region who travelled together to Rendezvous 2017 in Montreal.
Rendezvous (the 2024 Audacious Hope iteration) is happening and we’re inviting your financial support in helping Prairie to Pine youth to attend.
Poster for Rendezvous Audacious Hope with pictures of Worship Leaders, Adele Haliday and Mitchell Anderson and event dates July 3-6, 2024 July 2nd to 6th, a group will be travelling from Winnipeg to St. Catharine’s Ontario, to take part in a National Youth Retreat with other youth, young adults and leaders of youth. The theme of this year’s Rendezvous retreat is Audacious Hope.  This will be an exciting chance to build community amongst our local travelers and with others beyond.  At the retreat, we will experience new ways to worship, learn and play together.  There are multitudes of workshops to choose from to expand our horizons!

So far, we have youth registering from Pierson, Waskada, Brandon, Carberry and Winnipeg.  There are more youth interested in attending.  Please help us stretch our funding dollars, so we can make that happen!

Our approximate costs are as follows:

  • Early-bird registration $425 (by May 15th)
  • Flights $630 (for those already booked)
  • Accommodation for an extra night when we arrive $140 (if we book into the residence – but we may find a cheaper option)
  • 5 meals during travel days ~ $125
  • Outing to Niagara Falls the morning of July 3rd before retreat begins – unsure yet of extra costs, but it seems silly to be that close and not go see this wonder of God’s creation!

If you feel able to make a charitable donation to help in a big or small way, please send an e-transfer labelled “Donation to YAAY” to prairietopine@united-church.ca or contact Twila for other options @ TMacNair@united-church.ca

It is with audacious hope (ba da bum) that I ask you to sponsor anything from one meal to the full costs for a youth who otherwise couldn’t attend.

If you know of young people or leaders of youth, for whom you think this would be a formative experience in their faith journey, please put them in touch with Twila @ TMacNair@united-church.ca

Rendezvous’ “Audacious Hope” is going to be awesome!  I can’t wait!