Clusters & Networks

What are Clusters and Networks? Who’s working on them, and how do the people of the United Church in Manitoba and parts of Northwestern Ontario get involved?

First, the language:

Clusters: local (or potentially face to face) groupings of communities of faith that provide community and support for communities of faith and their leaders, and focus on worship, mission, learning, collegiality, and planning

Networks: linking people working on specific issues (e.g., supportive housing, intercultural ministry, youth ministry) or for project work (e.g., event planning) that function through the whole church, depending on the issue. These can be in part of our region, region-wide, cross Regional, or national.

Who can form either of these? Anyone. For what purpose? Anything involving community, mutual support, and the overall justice and peace mission of the church.

Here is our Fall 2021 list of Networks and Clusters.  Please make sure you’re on it! Interested in starting a Network or Cluster? Confused? Have ideas to share? Please contact the office: or 204-594-8381

Prairie to Pine Regional Council