Poster that had been used for advertising Sharing Across Cultures


Sharing Across Cultures: food, fun, and faith on Saturday, Sept 24th was attended by about 35 people including many resource people who shared about their cultures.



Elder in Ribbon Skirt, talking to a diverse group of people sitting at tables

Elder Connie Budd offering teachings before leading the youth outside to begin our opening worship with a smudge





The smudge was a highlight for many, especially when some curious Indigenous and new-comer neighbours were invited by the Elder and youth to join in.



youth playing ninja

Playing Mixer Games

Indigenous youth in powwow regalia, drummer, and youth in ribbon shirt

Powwow Dancing by Sam, accompanied by drummer and singer, Jedediah

Dancing, drumming, singing, games, and cooking together were some other highlights

…and the FOOD a-plenty!

youth holding drink cups

Filipino Halo Halo workshop with Sergio

Group of youth and leaders making Chinese dumplings

Chinese Dumpling workshop led by Lily, Buxin and Amy.

Youth prepping bannock in kitchen

Indigenous Bannock and Pickerel workshop with Donna and Tinis

Woman deep frying dough

African Donut workshop with Afaf

youth making Korean Kimbap

Korean Kimbap workshop led by Kwang Beom and Sarahng


peoople serving themselves from a table of food

What a spread of culturally diverse culinary delights!

food table

Fellowship of food!


So much food!

What fun tasting new foods and exploring different cultures.

Great faith in our Creator shared through a diversity of teachings, music, prayer, language, dance, and friendship.