Group of kids sitting on floor in circle attentive to leader

Working on parable skits

Call to Rural Youth & their Support Circle

Faith based fun is sometimes hard to come by in the Prairies. Canada is a vast country and our church neighbours tend to be far away. Luckily the United Church of Canada has lots of possibilities to help the youth in your church community meet like minded whippersnappers. 

If you think the youth in your area would have fun putting together a travelling youth group, you’d be right. Our YAAY Committee would be happy to help you and your church organize an event in your area!

Kids running in a gym

Active gym games hosted by Rosser United Church at Rosser Community Club

We can invite your neighbours and give you some tools to help you host a day for your youth and young adults to have fun, make friends and talk about faith. Then you can pass the torch to the town over for the next event. We want to make sure that all youth in the United Church have equal opportunity to grow their circle of faith friends.


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