Prairie to Pine’s monthly online meeting on climate justice and financing, 22nd of every month, 7:00 PM

Your or your community of faith have received a letter from Prairie to Pine encouraging  you to start a conversation with your bank or credit union  about where your money is invested.  The concern has to do with the billions of dollars that Canadian banks are investing in fossil fuel expansion- and the good those funds could do if invested in sustainable, community-based energy. All the background documents and the latest news are here on our Climate Justice webpage.

We will be offering a monthly Zoom forum  at 7:00PM CDT (CST after the time change) on the 22nd of each month over the coming year. This will be your opportunity to discuss actions, ask questions, get support and celebrate action. We want to support you to take action, to express your concerns, to explore what divesting might mean for you or your community of faith. All welcome! Here’s the link  and full details on this recurring event.

You can also contact committee chairperson Lynda Trono at lyndatrono(at)gmail(dot)com for more details and conversation.