"JF" in a star, with the words "Jubilee Fund-Ethical investing in Manitoba".

About the Fund

The Jubilee Fund Inc. was launched in 2000 as an expression of the millennium celebration for debt relief. We are an ethical investment fund established to raise awareness concerning the interrelated issues of poverty reduction, financial assets, and access to credit. The Jubilee Fund provides loan guarantees and bridge financing to non-profit organizations and social enterprises, which are then used for community-based projects that reduce poverty and financial exclusion.

Operational funds are supported through donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, and the sale of Jubilee Fund memberships.

The Board is comprised of members from the community at large as well as the faith communities (of which the United Church was a part) which were instrumental in the development of the Fund. The United Church has continued to fill one of the board spaces.

We are looking for:

  • United Church member in good standing who is well connected within the faith and community at large.
  • A track record of community involvement and volunteerism. A person of action.
  • An individual passionate and committed to the importance of addressing the interrelated issues of poverty, social justice, and financial exclusion.
  • Previous Board experience would be an asset but not required.

“Since COVID we have become much more flexible with remote participation. As well one of the Jubilee Funds Strategic imperatives is to expand more of our reach to rural Manitoba and rural involvement would be invaluable. It’s a great Board with a unique diversity of Faith and Community Leadership.”

Please feel free to be in touch Jim Komishon, chair of the nominating committee for the Jubilee Fund, if you require any further information.  https://www.jubileefund.ca/    They would be happy to talk with anyone who might be interested in filling this position. To indicate your interest, or to nominate someone else (with their permission), please use he online form, or contact the committee at p2p.nominations@gmail.com if you cannot fill in the form.  The form is available at this link.