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This note concerns nominations of Commissioners for the meeting of General Council 44, most likely to be held online only, July 21st to 25th, 2022. Prairie to Pine Regional Council needs capable and committed commissioners for the next three year period, or triennium. Please give this call for nominations your careful consideration. 

For the 44th General Council, Prairie to Pine Regional Council is entitled to send 15 commissioners, and that number includes:

  • One of the co-chairs of Prairie to Pine Regional Council
  • 14 Commissioners who are selected from the applications submitted to the Nominations Committee, and approved by the Region at the Annual meeting May 28 – 30, 2021.

These 14 commissioners are to be elected by the Prairie to Pine Regional Council on the following basis:

  • 1/3 order of ministry, 1/3 lay, and with attention to balance and diversity as described in the attached guidelines.

The Prairie to Pine deadline for nominations for GC44 Commissioners is April 26, 2021.

The Nominations Committee will meet after that date to enter into a process of “balancing” the list of nominees to ensure that the list of commissioners meets the requirements set by General council and where possible honors the recommended balance and diversity set previously by the Conference of MNWO. The Nominations Committee will also be guided by a commitment made by The United Church of Canada and affirmed by Prairie to Pine Regional Council Executive of “honouring and living into intercultural mission and ministry.”

Once the Nominations Committee has determined a recommended list of GC44 Commissioners, they will then present that list to the Prairie to Pine Regional Council at their annual meeting May 28 – 30, 2021. A list of alternate commissioners will also be presented in case some commissioners cannot participate in the full work of General Council. Because we are electing Commissioners a year in advance, having a list of alternate commissioners will be important.

Please use the Nominations form for Commissioner applications, whether for yourself, or for someone you wish to recommend (with their permission.)  Everyone is also asked to look around you to identify potential Commissioners in your community of faith and encourage them to apply, or to agree to you  nominating them. The form is available at this link.

If you have any questions, or cannot use the online form, please contact us by email at or contact Betty by phone at 204 726-1679.

We hope you will consider this opportunity, and hope you will help spread word of it to others you know who might be interested in applying.

Thank you, and blessings,

On behalf of the Nominations Committee of Prairie to Pine Regional Council:

Eric Matheson

Anna Stewart

Teresa Melnychuk

Joey Dearborn

Betty Kelly (Chair)