As we enter the hope of spring, the communities, families and loved ones of Rebecca Contois, Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran, and Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe (Buffalo Woman) continue the exhausting work of calling for a search of the landfills near Winnipeg.

What is happening now?

The entrance to Camp Morgan on a smoky, windy September 5 2023. Photo by Larissa Kanhai.

A search has not yet begun.

Jury selection is now underway for the upcoming criminal trial against the accused murderer. Please hold the women, their families, and the jurors in your prayers. This a very difficult time.

Please visit the Search the Landfills site to learn more about the missing women, Camp Morgan and Camp Marcedes, and the broken system that their families continue to fight against. You will also find a link there to support the families and the camps.

Your support is still very much needed, including:  donations and supplies; presence at the camps just to be and to offer support; letters and calls to your MLA and MP, stating your support for the search and for wider efforts.

In addition, Cambria Harris (Morgan’s daughter) and her auntie Melissa Robinson, both leaders at Camp Morgan, gave United Church people recommended actions during a recent learning time on Search the Landfill (video will be available soon on the United Church national YouTube channel. We thank Indigenous Ministries and Justice, and Cambria and Melissa, for giving us all this learning space).

How Can We Help?

Please see this Prairie to Pine post for details on offering provincial advocacy, and supplies. Cambria and Melissa offered these ways to help at the end of their presentation. We urge you to take them up however you can.

  • Become an informed ally!
  • Join Community Outreach Work for our vulnerable communities!
  • Share missing persons posters as they happen!
  • Spread the awareness
  • Instead of making this a one-time conversation, make it an everyday conversation.
  • Have empathy for others, you never know what someone is going through.
  • Acknowledge our vulnerable population, they’re human too.
  • Help amplify Indigenous voices!