The continued Freedom Convoy/ anti COVID measures and anti vaccination broad movement known as the Freedom Convoy is planning on returning to Winnipeg February 17-20 2023, despite media reports to the contrary. Below please find a statement on this from Families and Survivors of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit, and the MMIWG2S+ Implementation Committee. These groups have been at the forefront of the immensely difficult work of advocating for a search for the bodies of several murdered Indigenous women that are believed to be in Prairie Green landfill. Please click here for more information and an action request about this.

The statement is published here in order to offer better access to it, as it’s hard to access the full text outside of social media. (Media articles about the statement are available here and here but may be inaccessible without an account.)  It is also shared in order to respect the leadership role of those offering these words and the challenge in them. In 2022 the United Church of Canada released a statement on the Freedom Convoy movement; and Chinook Winds Regional Council Indigenous Minister Rev Tony Snow also offered a statement and reflections about the Freedom/ Truckers Convoy. All members of Prairie to Pine are invited to be aware of church and community statements and responses to the “Freedom Convoy”.


An eagle silhouetted against an orange sun and sky.WINNIPEG, January 3, 2023 – Families and Survivors of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit, alongside the MMIWG2S+ Implementation Committee, denounce the so-called “FREEDOM CONVOY” for their blatant use of Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit to further their own misguided and propagandic agenda.

Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit are currently dealing with the reality and aftermath of a serial killer; said whom is a documented and proud white supremacist. The Freedom Convoy is known to represent extreme white supremist views which devalue the lives and experiences of Indigenous Peoples, alongside Black, LGBTTQ2S and persons of colour.

The Freedom Convoy has a continued presence in Winnipeg as evidenced by the ongoing demonstrations of support. This has, once again, ensured we will be on high alert to ensure the safety and well-being of our community(ies).

We are advising community, supporters and families of MMIWG2S+ we do not have any affiliation or working relationship with any freedom convoy peoples or groups. Finally, we demand this so-called “Freedom Convoy” immediately cease from
appropriating and using the lives of Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit in to further their own white supremacist leanings.

*Please Note that individuals including family members and survivors have endorsed this statement, however, in the interest of personal safety and protection from harassment are not being listed.

MMIWG2S+ Implementation Committee – MB Sisters in Spirit – Winnipeg Chapter
Women’s Memorial March of Manitoba
Social Planning Council of Manitoba
Ka Ni Kani Chihk Inc.
Ma Mawi Chi Itata Centre Inc.

(The name and phone number posted for more information has bene removed to protect privacy. Please contact the signing groups directly.)