Text on blue background: Prairie to Pine Directory. A hand drawn phone is ringing below. To the right is a close up of a pencil and old school paper directory.

We have a Regional Council directory! It’s a password-protected PDF designed to connect Regional Council members with: Regional governance; ministry personnel on call or appointment, retired ministry personnel and lay delegates who attended the 2022 Regional Council Meeting; communities of faith and other ministries; some partner and wider-church groups; and staff.

As of January 2023, this is a new resource, and like all new resources it will need updates and additions. Please read on for instructions on accessing and updating.

And please remember: a directory contains a lot of personal information. Your care and attention are a crucial part of keeping that information safe and private.

How it works

(These instructions are also posted on the Directory page.)

To access the directory, use the email that was sent to you. If you didn’t get an email, keep reading.

Save the PDF, or keep the link handy.  Use a secure method of keeping the password handy. You will be asked for the password whenever you open the directory.

You can download and print the directory, but cannot make any changes. The directory has been formatted in booklet form, double-sided (just like the church bulletin).

Keep your password secure. Do NOT share the password.

The PDF file should not be shared with others; if other people need access, they should contact the office (below).

Corrections, updates, and missing email invitations

Please use this form to send in corrections, updates, or requests for missing information. Help us keep the directory up to date and complete but please remember that in some cases people may have opted out of being included.

If you have any questions, or did not receive your invitation, please email Cherry Abad at cabad@united-church.ca or call (204) 594-8381.

If you are  contacting the office to request a copy of the directory, please be prepared to give your full name, role, and the name of your community of faith, ministry, or committee. This information helps ensure that we don’t hand a big list of emails and phone numbers to someone not connected with the United Church. Staff will err on the side of caution as they protect your contact information, so please expect some questions.