Community of Faith treasurers and administrators will have received today information regarding the outcome from the review of cost of living group assignments. This information is important for communities of faith with called or appointed ministry personnel, or for those who are in the pastoral relations profile and/or search process. The revised cost of living group listing for all  Communities of Faith/Pastoral Charges in all Regional Councils is now available.

The COL Map on the General Council website will continue to reflect the current COL Group up until June 30, 2023.

The list for Pastoral Charges/Communities of Faith in Prairie to Pine Regional Council is available through this link:

There are several important pieces of information to highlight for those receiving notice of a change in cost of living group:

  • the assignment is effective on July 1, 2023, not immediately;
  • if the change involves a decrease in the comprehensive salary for ministry personnel, there is a commitment on behalf of the church to maintain current salary (in other words, no one will receive a salary decrease because an employee cannot be unilaterally disadvantaged by the employer with a change in the terms of employment. This includes renewals of existing appointments.
  • If the cost of living group assignment of a pastoral charge goes up, the new salary must reflect the new cost of living group minimum plus any other amounts above minimum stipulated in the call or appointment;
  • Some explanation was provided in the correspondence to treasurers and administrators and will be shared with Ministry Personnel in the new year
  • any questions regarding the process or the administration of the change through ADP may be directed to

In Prairie to Pine Regional Council beyond July 1, 2023 :

* a total of 121 Pastoral Charges of our 141  Pastoral Charges included in the listing will experience an increase in Cost of Living Group assignment (86 %) 339 from  COL 1 to 2; 30 from  COL 2 to 3 and 52 from COL 3 to 4;

* 20 Pastoral Charges will remain in the current Cost of Living Group ( 14%) and one Pastoral Charge will experience a decrease in Cost of Living Group assignment.