Talia Pelletier, a youth from Meadowood, responded to the call in November from the Walking Together Youth Grant team to walk with the Thunderbirdz. She was eager to do it again, but when highway closures kept her family from attending the Feb walk, she was inspired to ask her youth leader and “Talking Teens” friends at United Church in Meadowood (UCiM) to do a Walk-a-thon to raise funds to reach out once again to the folks she had encountered that November night on the streets of Winnipeg. The food and toiletries bags they were able to buy with the funds raised were much appreciated by the folks met last night by 13 walkers from Meadowood, 2 from the youth grant team and 4 regulars from The Thunderbirdz. Click here and scroll down to see the Thunderbirdz March 22nd post.