How to get hold of General Council 44 working documents when you have not signed up as a visitor: what we hope is the definitive answer.

Step 1: go to

Step 2: Scroll down to the header Proposals, Reports, and Other Documents

Step 3: Select/ click on the General Council 44 documents folder link you see there.

Step 4: Pray as you are whisked over to a new website.

Step 5: On arrival, patiently sort through the many documents to find the proposal, agenda or whatever else you need.

Want to share the link with all the other GC44 fans in your life? Please pay attention to these instructions! Do not copy the folder link, or the overall Commons link, and then share it with other via email, social media, your newsletter, etc.

Instead, tell people to come directly to this web page ( and follow the very same instructions in the steps above.

Why? Because sometimes technology is evil, and in this instance, it actually changes the link when you share it. The devil really is in the details.