Please have a look through this summary from Pastoral Relations Minister Judy Hare, which includes both public health orders, and some church-specific resources and considerations. (Updated, January 19, 2022)


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The current Public Health Orders are available online for ManitobaProvince of Manitoba | State of Emergency and Public Health Orders (

The most recently revised general orders in Manitoba were issued on January 10, 2022 and are in effect until at January 30, 2022.

Section 21 of the Public Health Orders relate to Worshiping Communities with sections 2 relating to weddings and funerals in public place and section 1 relating to weddings and funerals on private property.

Public Health Orders for the Province of Ontario

Increased COVID 19 infection rates have also resulted in the Province of Ontario releasing updates to restrictions, a modified step two in its roadmap. These are in effect January 5, 2022 for at least 21 days with details available through:

Erik Mathiesen, General Council, Chief Financial Officer has made us aware that there may be a flurry of provincial programs arising out omicron restrictions, but this one specifically eligible for our ONTARIO churches. Here are the details.