Delegate Application Form (Age 15-19)
Application deadline December 15,2021

Home Group Leader Info and Application Form
Application Deadline January 14, 2022

Are you ready to lead the church into the future?! If so, why not apply to become a General Council 44 Youth Forum Delegate?

General Council is the United Church of Canada’s triennial business meeting where justice issues are discussed, visions are cast, proposals are examined, decisions are made, and inspiring worship and community are offered. The voices of leaders ages 15-19 are needed to speak into this space. If you would like to have an impact on the direction of the church now and into the future, please apply here.

And yes, summer employment is also part of Youth Forum at GC44! You will be paid for your participation, leadership, and dedication to General Council throughout the summer.

In light of health concerns related to COVID-19, the historic decision has been made for the 44th General Council to be completely online. All aspects of Youth Forum will also have online components. While it may be possible to have small, regional gatherings of youth there will also be required online participation.

There will be several online components to Youth Forum in 2022:

February 4-6 – community building, home groups, worship, and a mock session of General Council
February 13 – worship and opening motions to constitute General Council 44
March-May – monthly listening and learning sessions and Home Group time
June 16-18 – General Council 44 discernment and discussion
July 4-August 26 – Youth Forum delegates summer employment
July 22-26 – General Council 44 decision-making
August 7 – Moderator service of installation

There are six main goals for the GC44 Youth Forum Interns:
1. Prepare for the triennial meeting of the 44th General Council of the United Church of Canada. General Council occurs every three years and is the decision-making and direction-setting body of the church. To prepare Interns will a) learn about the business and decision-making processes that will be used during the council, b) become familiar with the business proposals coming before the council by participating in listening, discussion, and discernment sessions, c) become familiar with any proposals coming from their own Regional Councils and be able to speak about them;
2. Build community, establish a network with Youth Forum Interns from other Regions of the church, and assist in planning Regional opportunities to worship, play, and learn together;
3. Become familiar with the various ministries and participate in mission and ministry opportunities of the United Church in their respective Regions;
4. Provide leadership during the online business sessions and other activities of the 44th General Council from July 22–26, 2022;
5. Participate in a Learning and Development Cohort on one of four themes (to be selected by you): Climate Justice, Indigenous Justice, Racial Justice, and Media and Communications;
6. Participate in debriefing and evaluation sessions following the internship.


Questions?  Need more info? Please contact or 1-204-781-8124