On November 1, All Saints Day, the United Church held a service of remembering that carried hundreds of names of those who have died from COVID. We are a global church, a small part of the body of Christ, and so many of those names came from around the world- especially the Global South, the majority of the planet’s population, where millions cannot get access to vaccines or enough medical care. Rev Japhet Ndhlovu, Church in Mission Executive Minister, shares his personal story of a dear friend lost to COVID, and weaves Rev Reuben Daka’s story into the reality of a world where the equity God calls us to is not practiced.

As we remember the dead, may we fight for the living. Mission and Service continues to work with global partners to secure vaccines and your donations to this urgent work make a difference. The church also continues to call on the Government of Canada to use its influence and global aid budget to make desperately needed vaccines and medical supports available.