Karen Medland writes, “It is part of the responsibility of the Office of Vocation Minister to monitor credential matters for all ministry personnel and candidates. I have been doing some checking to ensure everyone is up to date with their annual declaration (related to Police Records Check), and I have found a number of people have not completed this. This is an important piece for all clergy, and candidates for ministry to complete. To do so, please go to your profile page on Church Hub. On the right hand side of your profile page should be a link to the annual declaration. If the link isn’t there, please contact IT support (helpdesk@united-church.ca).

If  you have not yet received or responded to your email invitation to join Church Hub please contact General Council Office (ministry@united-church.ca
or DKigar@united-church.ca). Thank you so much for your co-operation with this part of the change in reporting.”

The Reverend Dr. Karen Medland   Email: KMedland@united-church.ca
Minister for the Office of Vocation, Northern Spirit Region, and Living Skies Region, and Prairie to Pine Region
The United Church of Canada/L’Église Unie du Canada
416-231-7680, 1-800-268-3781 ext 6103