Volunteers are the lifeblood of the United Church. At the regional level, various committees and task groups rely on the wisdom and God-given talents that committed individuals bring to these positions. Some feel they are answering a spiritual call when they apply for these positions; others have been nominated by friends and colleagues who recognize that their abilities are just what the church needs.

If you know someone who should be considered for Treasurer, or if you want to lend your own unique talents to the church, let us know. Diversity—in terms of racial and ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical abilities, geographical location, vocation or economic status—makes us strong, and the church is committed to proactively address inequities and historic patterns of exclusion.

If you are interested in the Treasurer position, or have spoken to someone willing to be nominated, please use our confidential form. Questions about the nominating process and who is involved? Check our Nominating page for details and contacts.

Prairie to Pine Treasurer

The Treasurer is a member of the Prairie to Pine Executive and provides support, leadership, and input on Prairie to Pine finances. The executive is seeking a treasurer who will bring financial experience and knowledge. Individuals will be comfortable with one or more financial disciplines including operations management, accounting, or audits. Following is a DRAFT job description. Please contact the office if you would like to speak with immediate past treasurer Valerie Beckingham or staff Heather Dootoff for more information, so that we can protect their privacy.


The Prairie to Pine Regional Council Treasurer is a volunteer Executive position. The Prairie to Pine Regional Council Treasurer, in consultation with the Executive Minister and the Financial Administrator oversees the financial and accounting systems of the Regional Council. The Prairie to Pine Treasurer is one of the signing officers for the Regional Council.


Attendance at meetings:

Regional Council Executive:

– Expected to attend all meetings as a full member of the Regional Council Executive.

– Report to the Regional Council Executive the most current financial statements.

– Annually bring proposed budget and audited financial statement

Annual Meeting

-Report to annual meeting, the audited financial statements and lead the

discussion on the budget assumptions, in preparation for submission of the

Budget for approval by the Prairie to Pine Executive.

Finance Advisory Team:

As a member of the Prairie to Pine Financial Task Group (Regional Council Treasurer, Executive Minister, & Financial Administrator) the Prairie to Pine Treasurer attends meetings and plans the Regional budget.

The Regional Council Treasurer is responsible for item C2.5 c. from The Manual

 Accounting Functions:

  1. a) Monthly

– Review bank and investment reconciliations

– Review month end financial statements and trial balance

  1. b) Annual

– review Charity Information Return

– review year end financial statements

– review year end accruals and adjustments

– review working papers and reports prepared for Auditor

– review Community of Faith assessment calculations as required

– Compilation of Regional Council budget with the Finance Advisory Team


–  Resource for investment/banking decisions as required

– Accounting assistance to the Tri-Region Finance Administrator as required

– Ad hoc involvement or input into special projects and other related duties/tasks as may be required.