You’re invited to consider whether you or someone you know would welcome the challenge of helping plan the online Regional Council annual meeting, May 28-30 2021. Are your gifts, skills, experience, and interest a good fit for this important shorter-term task? Please have a look at the description below.

Interested, or know someone who might be?  To indicate your interest, or to nominate someone else (with their permission), please use our online form, or contact the committee at if you cannot fill in the form.  The form is available at this link.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee job description for Prairie to Pine Regional Council

(Last updated: January 19, 2021)
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The Annual Meeting Planning Committee is responsible for organizing and planning the annual meeting of the regional council, which consists of church members and ministry staff from across Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Tasks include:

  • Worship: this includes finding volunteers or helping to organize a team to lead all or some of the worship times at the meeting.
  • Theme: this includes finding volunteers or helping to organize a team to plan sessions for the meeting focused on the idea or Scripture that is guiding the meeting. This can include bringing in outside help or a professional speaker.
  • Meeting management: this includes preparing and keeping track of the agenda for the meeting and ensuring that the meeting does not run off schedule. This would also include preparing the budget for the meeting and ensuring the meeting meets that budget
  • Local arrangements (when meeting is in-person): this includes organizing food and coffee for meals and breaks, working with regional council staff to help with managing relationships with the venue and their staff, recruiting volunteers to assist where necessary.

Membership and skills/ experience
Up to 8 individuals from across the region, including a representative from the Regional Council executive, and relevant Regional Council staff. A wide variety of skills and experiences will be required to plan a meeting that is representative of the membership of the regional council and wider church.

Skills that may be useful are: experience with planning meetings or events, technical experience with programs like Zoom, volunteer management abilities or the ability to work well with teams of people, financial management and budgeting experience, worship planning experience for a wide variety of audiences, and/or experience planning learning activities of any kind. A wide variety of experience and skills will be considered, and people without these gifts are encouraged to apply as well as this list is not exhaustive.

Meetings and term
This position involves meetings at least once a month, during the day or scheduled at a time that works best for everyone involved and may be held digitally or in-person.

Members are required for a one-year term (September to May), but are encouraged to consider serving for more than one year to ensure some level of continuity. Meetings are about two hours in length but will be longer as the annual meeting becomes closer. Members are required to be present for the whole annual meeting, which normally occurs on a weekend near the end of May.

Equity and accessibility
Annual meetings are held in a physically accessible location when meeting in person, while planning meetings are held either at the Regional Council office or online. Barriers to participation may be travel to Winnipeg for in-person meetings, internet access, and/or effective accommodation for visual or hearing impairments. Expenses for travel, meals, and accommodation are covered by the Regional Council. Meeting times are set by the committee to accommodate all members.