An opportunity for United Church Communities of Faith to affordably develop and/or upgrade their ministry websites and online presence

The reality is that an effective church website is practically essential for all United Church ministries communities of faith.  Without an online presence, it’s almost impossible for prospective newcomers and supporters to learn that we physically exist!

The first challenge is usually finding the techie people who “get it” when it comes to the needs of churches.  The second is finding the money to actually get a website in place.

Level Up website design: basic build 695 dollars, with an image of a cathedral and another of a rural church.

An option for building or improving your website

Over the last few years, some Regional Councils have worked with Cheri Uthe of Faith Productions to develop an adaptable, affordable template for church websites.  This template is built on the WIX web-builder platform and can be adapted to any congregation or ministry.   WIX has been created as an intuitive platform, and the consistent format means major cost savings for congregations because the initial development is already in place.

Depending on your congregation’s technical interest and aptitude, there are a variety of options and support packages available.  Cheri can complete and deliver a “plug ‘n’play” site for you, serve as your ongoing website support person, or just about anything else in between.   She can also provide invaluable information about various charitable grants for discounts on software licensing and webhosting.

Seed funding for the “Level Up” project has been provided by the Living Skies Regional Council as part of a community initiatives grant.  For more information and examples of the website template, communities of faith and community ministries throughout the Living Skies, Northern Spirit, and Prairie to Pine Regions are encouraged to contact Cheri at:

Faith Productions, 306-220-1209 and