Update: The national United Church is continuing to offer free webinars on congregational finances and aid options. Please see the United in Learning site for full information.

On March 25 and 26 the national church offered several webinars on the many financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank Erik Mathiesen, David Armour, and David Jagger for also joining a presentation and check in for Prairie to Pine, Living Skies, and Northern Spirit Regional Councils.

Our suggestion is that you keep checking the national church’s COVID-19 page for up to date material. That includes this letter about church closures and pastoral relations. This regional page will carry any relevant and updated Regional Council information.

Please be patient as you do this. The material you’re looking for may not yet be complete. We know anxiety is very understandably high for all of us in this difficult time, especially those who carry responsibility for leadership, personnel, and finances. Your various web teams are working hard at posting updates, but sometimes delays are unavoidable because material is still being developed or has changed rapidly. Sometimes the pace of both change and emerging decisions is such that we need to slow down and wait until information is confirmed. And, maybe slowing down and breathing isn’t a bad thing.

We will get through this! We are not alone.