For the love for your neighbour, get your COVID booster and your flu vaccination: a message to United Church Community of Faith leaders in Prairie to Pine Regional Council

PDF version of this letter

Dear friends,

In a webinar on December 7 members of the Regional Council Executive heard Dr. Howard Njoo, Deputy Chief Public Health Officer of the Public Health Agency of Canada ask for our continued help in preserving health in our communities.

He and others expressed appreciation for the ways faith groups across the country have supported and initiated activities designed to decrease the spread and lessen the severity of readily transmitted diseases like Covid-19 and Flu.

Dr. Njoo asked faith leaders to please keep up the good work.

We join with people of many faith traditions to strongly encourage people in our communities of faith to get flu and COVID vaccinations and be sure to get the COVID booster shot as soon as you are eligible.

We strongly encourage our members to wear masks in indoor gatherings and wash or sanitize our hands frequently.

There is sound scientific evidence that doing these things will help to decrease the spread of COVID and the flu. Being vaccinated and having boosters up to date will lessen the severity of illness for those who do get sick. It will reduce hospitalization and lessen the number of COVID- or flu-related deaths

Please help to protect the health and safety of our children, our elders, the medically vulnerable and our health care system itself.

Please share this information widely, in whatever ways you share important information with people who are part of your congregation – print it, email it, put it on your webpage, Facebook, other social media, and use word of mouth.

Erica Wiebe and Pat Bird, co-chairs, Prairie to Pine Regional Council Executive; Shannon McCarthy, Executive Minister