Beloved Communities of Faith in Prairie to Pine,

The planning committee for our annual meeting has begun meeting. It is early days and very little has been decided. Saying that, as the daughter of a church treasurer, I know this is budgeting season and we wanted to share some details that will help budget for attendance at the meeting.

We are planning on meeting face to face, June 1-4 is the current working date. We are planning for the meeting to be in Winnipeg. (Update: this week the United Church in Meadowood was booked! Stay tuned for accommodation information).

Treasurers and finance committee members: We expect that the travel pool/registration fee will be approximately $200/per participant.

I am honoured that you’ve once again entrusted me with the task of leading the planning committee for the annual meeting. If you have ideas, wishes, or pet peeves we should avoid- feel free to contact me over the coming months. My email is


Rev. Emma Seamone, chair, annual meeting planning committee