…are you called?

Wondering about a good way to reconnect with wider church work?
What work excites you?  What roles could be a fit for the gifts and skills you have to offer?

Right now we are looking for people for the opportunities below. There will also be opportunities listed regularly on the Prairie to Pine Regional Council website. Check them for something that speaks to you, and also take a moment to consider if there is one that might be a good fit for someone you know. If so, encourage them to give it careful thought and discernment.

  •   Pastoral Relations liaisons are needed in Prairie to Pine Region. Training is provided.
  • The Committee on Lay Ministry Support is in need of three new members. This committee is responsible for the support of those in designated categories of lay ministry, such as  congregational designated ministers (CDM), licensed lay worship leaders (LLWL) and sacraments elders.
  • The Regional Nominating Committee itself needs two additional members; we are looking especially for members from Winnipeg and the former Agassiz parts of the region. This committee often meets in the early evening to accommodate members’ work schedules.

If you find yourself intrigued by one of our current opportunities, click here for the confidential form you can use to express interest, or to recommend someone else!