There are over 90 members of Prairie to Pine currently doing work for the Region and the wider church – that is, doing work on our collective behalf. We extend a Huge Thank You to all of you!

The Nominating Committee is now looking at filling the positions of those who have so graciously given of themselves and have completed their terms serving on various commissions and committees of the Prairie to Pine Region. We ask you to give your thoughtful consideration to filling some of these roles within the Regional council for the next term. Our committee is carefully discerning the balance, passions, experience, and new “blood” for all committees in the Prairie to Pine Region.

If you feel called to one of these vacant positions, please fill out this form online,  or speak to a member of the nominations team.  If you know someone who may be an especially good fit, please encourage them to put their name forward. More detail regarding the work of each of the commissions and committees can be found on the Prairie to Pine website ( or by clicking on the links below!

Nominations Committee

Prairie to Pine Region, United Church of Canada

Committees and Commissions of the Prairie to Pine Region

Nominating Committee       (2 – 3 openings esp Winnipeg and S. Central areas)

Committee on Community of Faith Support  (2 – 3 openings)

  • Provides oversight and support to communities of faith, especially pastoral charges in their day to day mission and ministry and guidance with matters of transition such as structural changes, amalgamation, realignment and closure.
  • To find out more information about this committee, go to:

Equity and Diversity (multiple openings)

  • Assesses, educates, and raises awareness to celebrate the diversity and the intercultural membership of our Region.
  • To find out more information about this committee, go to: