Committee on Community of Faith Support

This committee provides oversight and support to communities of faith, especially pastoral charges in their day to day mission and ministry and guidance with matters of transition such as structural changes, amalgamation, realignment and closure. This committee with a minimum of 3 members reports to the Regional Council through the Executive, making recommendations on matters requiring decisions to these bodies. In the former structure, much of the work of this committee was done by Pastoral Oversight Committees in Presbyteries.

Regional Council Policies and Resources

Regional Council Policies and Resources

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Committee on Community of Faith Support Members

Lynne Sanderson


I am a retired Designated Lay Minister (DLM) in the former Agassiz Presbytery. I have been involved in the life of the church for almost as long as I can remember. I have served on many committees in the structure of the local congregation, as well as the former presbytery and conference structures. The Committee on Community of Faith Support is one I am thankful to serve on as I have faith in the strength of the connectional church. I believe in the importance of supporting one another as we continue to serve in the name of the One who calls and equips us for the journey.

Shirley McLaren


I am a Designated Lay Minister serving Knox United Church in Oakville, MB. I have always been involved in the life of the church in Sunday School, CGIT, Junior Choir, Hi-C, as well as volunteering at church events such as fall suppers, community bridal showers, etc. I have taught Sunday School as well as been Sunday School Superintendent, led Junior and Senior Choirs, played organ and piano for worship, on Session, secretary-treasurer for the church, and led worship services. I have been involved in Presbytery committees as well. I enjoy sewing and quilting, playing the piano and ukulele, being a 4-H leader and am on the board for the 4-H Museum, walking with friends, and being a part of the life of my four grandchildren (mainly attending hockey games).

Heather Lea

Retired ministry personnel, Covenant of Association with Gladstone United Church; served rural & urban congregations in solo & team ministry; have been convenor of Presbytery & Conference committees in SK and MNWO Conferences, most recently Pastoral Oversight; experience in educational supervision,  transitional ministry, facilitating United Fresh Start, Kairos Blanket Exercise, 4-H leadership;  enjoy gardening, sewing, travelling with my husband, reading, grandparenting.

Cheryl McKitrick

I am a retired Registered Nurse, 2019, living in Crystal City, MB. I have been involved in the life of the united church since I was a very young child. I attended Sunday School, taught Sunday School sang in the church choir and am still signing in our choir, and am still very involved with the Rock Lake Pastoral Charge United Church in our small town. I was the Chair of the Exploration Team during the amalgamation of Pilot Mound UC, Crystal City UC and Clearwater UC in 2016. It was during this process that I became interested in the work of the church, which is much beyond sitting in the pews on a Sunday. I am presently the Council Chair of the newly amalgamated Community of Faith Council. I enjoy during Palliative Care and visiting with the elderly in our communities. My husband Bill and I have 3 grown children and 1 grandson.

Staff Support

Judy Hare

Pastoral Relations Minister

Cherry Abad

Administrative Support