Twila MacNair (Regional UC Youth staff) along with Julia Antonyshyn and William Miller (Zeebu retreat coordinators) would like to thank:

  • Westworth United Church for hosting Zeebu Youth retreat on Feb 14 to 17, 2020.  Thank you to those who helped us find our way around the church to the places and items we needed and all those who managed the kitchen during meal prep and clean-up.
  • Cooks and bakers from other churches who brought meals in: Crescent Fort Rouge, Prairie Spirit, St. Andrews River Heights, Charleswood, St. Mary’s Road, Fort Garry. We appreciated the healthy, delicious meals that kept us energized for all of our activities!
  • Those congregations and individuals who provided financial sponsorship to allow participation of youth who otherwise couldn’t afford to go.
  • Those who provided leadership including Bev Ward and Patrick Woodbeck as chaplains, Rey Anderson as Knowledge Keeper and 25 young adults and youth from across the region who made up the Planning Team or led home groups.

To sum up Zeebu 2020…

39 participants, 25 young leaders, and 4 additional support people spent a wonderful weekend at Westworth United Church exploring the connections between games and our faith.  We worshipped, sang, swam, danced, talked and ate together.  We played card games, active games, old games, new games, dancing games, role playing games and games from different cultures.  We did a little bit of sleeping, too …as much as one can do on the floor of a church in a room full of new and old friends, when wound-up and/or exhausted from a day filled with exciting activities!

If you know of a youth who might like to be part of such a weekend, please speak to Twila, 

ALF retreat will be happening in Carman, October 23 to 25, 2020

…AND a really large national retreat is happening this summer in Calgary!  Check out Rendezvous here. A bus is being arranged. Sponsorship is welcome for this as there are many young people interested in going who are finding the cost prohibitive. These events are important in faith formation and community building amongst the young people who we trust to carry the values of our United Church into the future. Donations large and small would be welcome towards the registration fee of $350 or the bus travel which will be around $200/person.

Also if some of our young leaders are from your congregation, please consider them to be one of your voting delegates at the Regional Meeting, especially in churches that are allocated more than one lay delegate. Our young people offer interesting and thoughtful perspectives!