On the weekend of Friday November 11th to Sunday November 13th a Confirmation Exploration Retreat was held at the United Church in Meadowood. Eleven youth and young adults from six different faith communities participated in the event to explore faith, the history of the United Church, and what confirmation and becoming a member of the United Church means.

The youth participated in activities meant to stir discussion. A session that started much discussion throughout the group was one on ‘Who is Jesus?’. Where the youth discussed the seven ‘I am’ statements found in the Gospel of John, as well as looking at the historical and archaeological evidence we have for Jesus’ life.

Youth gathered around a table looking at images of Jesus

The event also provided a place for fellowship, and a time for the youth to connect with others who shared their faith. On Friday they had a games night, and on Saturday a movie night. Several of the youth shared their gifts and taught us a version of the Lord’s Prayer accompanied by ukuleles, which they shared with the congregation onSunday.

After the event the youth were invited to return to their home church and discuss with their minister to complete the confirmation process.