Black and white photo of a sign at a public demonstration. , hand written and held aloft by one hand. It reads, "If not now, when? There in no Planet B."Three Prairie to Pine youth accepted jobs through a General Council and Government of Canada program where they will be working on, and learning about, climate issues and activism in an online setting with peers across Canada. They’ll also get involved in local projects under the guidance of mentors from their Communities of Faith.

Elijah Kanhai of United Church in Meadowood (St. Vital) will be mentored by Caryn Douglas and Lynda Trono.  Tord Mitchell and Anna Ramsey will be mentored by Madelyn Robinson of Knox United in Brandon.

Let’s wish them all well in their climate projects and wish the youth well as they go off to Camp Pringle in BC mid summer to work in-person with one another and meet with Moderator, Carmen Lansdowne. We hope to publish reflections from them through the summer so watch this space! If you’d like to be in touch, please contact the Prairie to Pine office,