Message from the Regional Co-Chairs following the announcement of the discovery of 215 children’s bodies at the former Kamloops Residential School:

A sense of urgency is upon us.  We work toward relationship building, reconciliation, inclusivity, a recognition that we are all equally important in God’s eyes and should be in each other’s. We need that work to continue and also to grow….more quickly.

The discovery of the children in Kamloops is heartbreaking. The need for discovery of all the children that have been hidden from sight through the years is necessary.

We, as Co-Chairs, have made a commitment to each other to focus our leadership time together to work diligently on Anti-racism and continue to work on supporting Intercultural and Interfaith work. We also need to support the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation located within our region.

To raise our voices to our elected officials.

To care for each other with a determination.

This seems like a lot but it is all interconnected.

We ask everyone to find a way to acknowledge this pain and to respond in love and care.

Diane Dwarka and Pat Bird, co-chairs, Prairie to Pine Regional Council