Join us Wednesday June 24, 5:00PM in BC, 6:00PM in AB and SK, 7:00PM in MB and NW ON. 90 minutes. All welcome!

What is gender inclusive language and how does it have the power to embrace or exclude non-binary, Two Spirit, trans, and gender queer people? Join us for a practical discussion about evolving language and personal perspectives on its importance. Learn what steps you can take in your community of faith and community.

With resource people Gabe Castilloux (they/ them); Liz Carter-Morgan  (she/they/him);
Pandemonium (PAN) Graham  (they/ them); Shylo Rosborough (he/him). (Read on for their bios and more details.)
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More information

The non binary flag: horizontal stripes of yellow, white, purple, and black. In the fall of 2020, delegates to the Regional Council annual meetings will be voting on a remit to make a small but important change to the Basis of Union. Current wording about eligibility for ministry uses “men and women”, and the wording would be changed to “all people”, to reflect a diversity of gender identities. (Further background is here.) This webinar aims to give you background on why this change is important, and how language is one of the many aspects of full inclusion (or exclusion) for gender-diverse people.

Our resource people

Gabe Castilloux (they/ them) is nij-manidowag (two spirit) Mi’kmaq, Algonquin, Scottish and French Canadian. They currently thrive in Amiskwacîwâskahikan Treaty 6 territory (Edmonton). Gabe is actively involved in several different forms of traditional Indigenous culture and ceremony, as a drummer, and a grass and buffalo dancer, and proudly celebrates a drug and alcohol free life. Gabe is a nationally recognized poet, teaches traditional Indigenous art and an award-winning author for Historica Canada in conjunction with the Governor General’s Awards for Indigenous Arts and Stories.  Gabe has also been chosen to represent the two spirit community as: Mr Two Spirit International 2019-2020, sits as Treasurer on the board of Directors of the Edmonton 2-Spirit Society and works as a Two-Spirit Coordinator for local non-profits.

Liz Carter-Morgan  (she/they/him) was ordained in 2004 and currently serves St. Paul’s United Church in Virden MB, where Liz, spouse Jen and their 7 year old twins live.  Liz is the Affirming Ministries co-ordinator for Western Canada, a member of the Prairie to Pine Regional Council Equity and Diversity Committee, and identifies as agender.

Pandemonium (PAN) Graham  (they/ them) is a creative and collaborative human being, one who loves to explore, seek and spend any amount of time in nature – particularly with other humans and a spiritual flare. They are curious about world-indigenous/pagan practices and blending earth based ritual with their lifetime of curious christian experience in the United Church. At the moment they worship at Robertson-Wesley UC are from Edmonton, Alberta, but approaching Covid border closures from the Minneapolis side. Currently they spend their time co-creating a small camping business and providing workshops for all in reconnecting humans with each other, nature and spiritual elements of life (while occupying their free time with a wide range of creative arts and bike rides).

Pan identifies as non-binary trans and believes our bodies are merely containers for a fluid and, ideally, balanced masculine/feminine spiritual being – one that is interwoven with the entire planet and universe.

Shylo Rosborough (he/him) recently graduated with a BA in Sociology and Theology. He is currently the Affirming Ministries Coordinator of Edmonton based out of Robertson-Wesley United Church. As a transgender man, he has been active in both the LGBTQ and Christian communities supporting and advocating for the full inclusion of LGBTQ people within the Church.

Julie Graham (she/ her) is justice and communications staff for Northern Spirit, Living Skies, and Prairie to Pine Regional Councils of the United Church and lives on Treaty Six and Métis homeland territory in Saskatoon.