If you are a grade 7 to 12 youth, we welcome you to register for the upcoming region-wide youth retreat, being held at Carman United Church, in Carman, MB, Friday Oct 21st at 6:30 pm to Sunday, Oct 23rd at 1:00 pm.

A great opportunity to make friends with other youth from across the United Church’s Prairie to Pine Region while exploring the theme through Worship, Song and Inter-active Theme Times.  The retreat wouldn’t be complete without social time — dancing, games, chatting over meals (and canteen treats)!

Invite your friends (the ones you see often and the ones you haven’t seen since summer camp!)

Haven’t been to a retreat before?  – See this Retreat description for potential participants.

To allow all to attend, no matter their family’s financial status, the fee is suggested on a “pay what you can” scale from full fee of $90 down to $0.  My concern with this payment model is that people won’t be enticed to register early to save money, but I am still offering an early-bird discount.  While that will only affect those who plan to pay the suggested price, I urge all of you to register TODAY, as it is exciting for our leaders to hear who is coming — and makes planning easier when we know numbers early!

  • Early-bird Sept 30th
  • Deadline Oct 15th

Register by clicking here.