Affirming celebration for our Regional Council! Sunday May 30, 10:00- 11:30AM

All the people of the Regional Council and beyond are invited to gather for this celebration and worship on YouTube.  Our Place in the Rainbow will celebrate Prairie to Pine becoming an Affirming ministry. Join us with your communion elements and your Pride colours! There will also be a dessert and visiting time on Zoom at noon Central Daylight. Please contact staff for that link (annual meeting registrants and those on the Affirming ministry list: you will receive the link directly).

The service will be broadcast on our YouTube channel:
Please bring communion elements.

We will follow this with a Zoom dessert. Wear your Pride colours and bring a dessert such as PIE pie! We’ll visit and celebrate. Register in advance here and you’ll receive the link by email automatically (remember to check your spam folder):

Please hold the date and discuss in your community of faith whether you wish to bring your entire worshipping community to this service. Spread the word and share this Facebook event :

This Affirming celebration will be part of Prairie to Pine’s annual meeting, May 28-30, and all are welcome. You do not need to register for the meeting in order to attend. We will gather around an open table in all of our individuality, our many colours, languages, abilities, ages, gender identities and expressions, sexualities, and more, to share communion and celebrate Jesus’ love for us all.  Together we will commit to the next stage of our Affirming journey together. This celebration builds on the past and present work of many, including the Affirming presbyteries within the Affirming Conference of Manitoba and NW Ontario, and the many Affirming ministries and people within our Regional Council.