Advent Travelling Youth Group

Friday the 10th of December our traveling youth group had an event at Saint Mary’s Road United Church in Winnipeg. The 23 youth participants learned about the season of Advent and what it means within the United Church of Canada. Participants engaged in discussion about the advent season and the meaning of the candles that we light: Hope, Love, Peace, Joy, and the Christ candle. After that, participants were broken up into three groups to further discuss Love, Hope, and Joy through activities. For love, the participants got to make Christmas cards for either their loved ones or if they wanted, for seniors at a local senior’s home. For hope, a section of the film Charlie Brown was shown, participants discussed where they saw hope in the film and in their lives. For Joy, an interactive version of the story of the birth of Jesus was read and the participants were given ways to spread joy throughout their community. After the activities took place there was a snack, and the traveling youth band played some Christmas carols to end the event.

Submitted By: Aidan McLeod