Ken DeLisle and his partner John Robertson

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ken DeLisle, his partner John Robertson and their extended family on the death of Ken’s mother, Audrey (Holmes) DeLisle, on Oct. 22, 2019 at the age of 95.

Funeral arrangements are pending but will take place in Windsor, Ont., her home. Ken is Ministry Personnel currently serving with the people of Prairie Spirit United Church in Winnipeg. John is also retired Ministry Personnel living in Winnipeg.

Rev. Noel Suministrado and his spouse Veronica

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rev. Noel Suministrado and his spouse, Veronica as they celebrate getting the renewal of their Visas to remain in Canada for another two years after a LONG and anxious period of waiting. Noel is  Ministry Personnel from the United Church of Christ in the Philippines who has been in a of ministry appointment with Broadway Disciples United Church, Winnipeg since September 1, 2017 through a Mutual Recognition agreement.

Rev. Schalk Naude and Knox United Church, Fort Frances

Our thoughts and prayers are with Knox United Church, Fort Frances as they begin a pastoral relationship with Rev. Schalk Naude who will arrive this week from South Africa. He will be in the Admissions process.