For all updates in this rapidly changing situation, please refer first and always to provincial and federal sources, as well to your local government or band council and your Member of Parliament and provincial or territorial representative as needed. These should shape our decision-making and responsibilities, and will guide responses from The United Church of Canada.

For all national United Church of Canada updates, keep visiting here. See also: 
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The newsfeed below includes Regional Council news about the COVID-19 pandemic, and some national updates. We’re also holding weekly check ins for both lay leaders and ministry personnel. Please see our calendar for details. For all resources on “re-opening”, please click here. 

Prayer for a time of pandemic

Prayer for a time of pandemic

A prayer of gratitude and intercession in a time of pandemic (Credit: many writers and inspirations. Shared by Earl Reaburn, Northern Spirit pastoral relations minister, during our regional checks...

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